I believe working with your hands makes you happy and peaceful! 

In a world that is spinning faster and faster and consumption is escalating the need to work with our hands grows. Handcraft is a slow art form, which gives us a chance to unwind, feel creativity, happiness and inner peace. I believe that an afternoon or evening in my studio or at your workplace, where you are given the chance to step out of that rat race and nurture your creativity, will leave you with a positive experience. Contact me for more information about the different types of workshops and talks available for private groups, companies or as part of a kick-off.


Hallandssöms Embroidery – Teaches the foundations of Hallandssöms embroidery

Crochet jewelry – Crochet a unique ring which will be one of a kind.

Mixed media – We use lace, photographs and buttons to create beautiful art.

Textile recycling – Your father’s old jacket can be turned into a cool bag or grandmas antique laces can be a beautiful jewelry or handbag.

Create for life – During a visit to a senior home we work with vintage handcrafted items such as laces, rugs, crocheted oven mitts together with buttons and early photos according to the reminiscence philosophy to bring old memories to life.

Creative School – Children and young adults’ right to cultural activity has been a prioritised in the area of culture politics. Each school can apply for funding through Kulturrådet to be able to afford creative professionals as guest lecturers. More information can be found at