I was trained at the School of Textiles at the University of Borås and have worked with fashion for a range of Swedish companies for many years. Since 1997 I have run the MB-form design studio, where I carry out freelance assignments in textile. In addition to freelancing I also design new products in my collection for MB-form, primary uniqe handmade traditional embroidery from southern part of Sweden, embroidery called Hallandssöm  with history back to the 19th century. My embroidery is represented at The Swedish Art Council. I have also worked as a manager at Halländska hemslöjden.



Tjolöholms slott, Kungsbacka, Nov/Dec 2013 – solo exhibition

Slöjdens Hus, Skövde, Oct 2013 – solo exhibition

Yamanashi Hemslöjd, Tokyo, May/June 2013 – solo exhibition

Hibiya Liberary, Tokyo, May 2013 – solo exhibition

Kulturdepartementet (Hemslöjden 100 år), Stockholm, Summer 2012 – Groupe exhibition